Burning Clowns

2021 –

This show is filled with improvisation, comedy, slapstick and of course a lot of fire!

Monsieur Jean – Baptiste Champagne de la Cognac hereby wishes to present his new fire show ”Flames of Eternity”!

French Artiste Jean-Baptiste is a perfectionist who really hates mistakes –  which is particularly true if something goes wrong in his own show. He is then very quick to blame everyone else, but himself. There is just one problem; Baptiste is not the great artist he himself imagines. Fortunately, his ”assistant” Gunnar is always there to save the day, rescue the show and to put Jean-Baptiste in the spotlight he so dearly desires.

Inspired by the two comedy characters Basil (played by John Cleese) and the Spanish waiter Manuel in ”Fawlty Towers”, we have created a duo clown act for the whole family. 

Performers: Magnus Jarlöv and Jan Unestam

Run time: approx. 45 min.

See trailer here