Burning Clowns

Burning Clowns - street show

2021 –

Monsieur Jean – Baptiste Champagne de la Cognac hereby wishes to present his new fire show ”Flames of Eternity”!

French Artiste Jean-Baptiste is a perfectionist who really hates mistakes –  which is particularly true if something goes wrong in his own show. He is then very quick to blame everyone else, but himself. There is just one problem; Baptiste is not the great artist he himself imagines. Fortunately, his ”assistant” Gunnar is always there to save the day, rescue the show and to put Jean-Baptiste in the spotlight he so dearly desires.

Inspired by the two comedy characters Basil (played by John Cleese) and the Spanish waiter Manuel in ”Fawlty Towers”, we have created a duo clown act for the whole family. 

The show is filled with improvisation, comedy, slapstick and of course a lot of fire.

Performers: Magnus Jarlöv and Jan Unestam

See trailer here

Two Headless Men


Two well-dressed men without heads are out for a stroll. But why without heads? Could they be secret agents? Or are they simply a couple of shy and modest gentlemen that prefer to go about their business without being disturbed?

Suddenly they stop in front of a group of curious onlookers and out of their sleeves appear… And above the shirt collar, a set of eyes…

In a tribute to Surrealism, this street act is built on choreography, comic surprise effects and tender-hearted actions.

Performers: Magnus Jarlöv and Jan Unestam

See trailer here

A Universe of Love


An immensely tall man in a suit and a red top hat, suddenly appears behind you like a warm gust of wind! With great joy and affection he lovingly greets everyone he meets, and bids them to pass through his beautiful and magical curtain…
…”Welcome, welcome… to A Universe of Love!”

Inside, another man in a red suit and with an enormous red balloon on his head, springs to life… Slowly and with some trepidation he silently approaches you as he lovingly, without words, tries to communicate and interact.

Performers: Magnus Jarlöv and Jan Unestam

See trailer here

Varieté Paradiso


A contemporary family circus show, with artists Jan Unestam and Magnus Jarlöv, opening their treasure troves of craziness and laughter.

Eld-drömmar (Dreams of fire)


An evocative and fiery performance with sword swallowing, burning objects and magic, all to the sounds and harmonies of accordion and electric violin playing…

Performers: Magnus Jarlöv, Jan Unestam, and Raimo Juntunen

Ursäkta stör jag? (Pardon me?)


Three strange characters, all in masks, suddenly make an appearance at your festival. An incessantly painting artist, a very outgoing, most enthusiastic baker and an over-zealous bureaucrat all try to communicate – between themselves, with the world around them and with you… 

A comic, absurd, and very human performance.