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Practical Information

In 2021 our company presents three comic and inter-active street performance acts; “Burning Clowns” (street show), “A Universe of Love” (walking act) and “Two Headless Men” (walking act).

The concepts can be presented anywhere and are based on improvisation. The performances are for all ages.

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About us

The people behind “Kompani Paradiso” are Jan Unestam and Magnus Jarlöv, who after many years on stages around the world, longed for the more intimate and improvised – and therefore decided to start their own performance company.

Jan Unestam is an actor, and a circus artist. In 1995 he was one of the founding members of the famous Swedish company “Cirkus Cirkör” and has through the years contributed to 11 of that company’s productions which has brought him all around the globe. His most famous act is ”The Balloon Man” in which he acts from the inside of a giant balloon – an act which also has been commemorated on an official stamp(!) Jan has worked as an actor and a circus artist at most of the major theatre institutions in Sweden: Stockholms stadsteater, Göteborgs stadsteater, Malmö stadsteater, Östgötateatern, Helsingborgs stadsteater… Today, Jan is also the Artistic Manager of the circus company “Kanalje”.

Magnus Jarlöv is a circus artist, a teacher and a comedian. He has founded many companies through the years, such as the jester and clown group “Jauvet”, “Clownen brinner” (“The clown is on fire!”), “Verbalista” and “Burnt Out Punks”. Magnus has also been on the board for “Clowns Without Borders” and has worked around the world as its Project Manager. For a number of years, Magnus was instrumental in building Cirkus Cirkör’s function for people with disabilities. Magnus has also performed at many major arenas around Scandinavia, such as the Stockholm Globe Arena and the famous Skansen Open Air Museum.


Burning Clowns

2021 – Monsieur Jean – Baptiste Champagne de la Cognac hereby wishes to present his new fire show ”Flames of Eternity”! French Artiste Jean-Baptiste is a perfectionist who really hates mistakes –  which is particularly true if something goes wrong in his own show. He is then very quick to blame everyone else, but himself. …

Two Headless Men

2019- Two well-dressed men without heads are out for a stroll. But why without heads? Could they be secret agents? Or are they simply a couple of shy and modest gentlemen that prefer to go about their business without being disturbed? Suddenly they stop in front of a group of curious onlookers and out of …

A Universe of Love

2018- An immensely tall man in a suit and a red top hat, suddenly appears behind you like a warm gust of wind! With great joy and affection he lovingly greets everyone he meets, and bids them to pass through his beautiful and magical curtain… …”Welcome, welcome… to A Universe of Love!” Inside, another man …